Sherif Abdel-Naby

I got 99 problem, but problem [99] isn't one of them.

Cairo, Egypt.
Available for hire

My Projects

GitHub repositories that I've built.

🐳 Elastic Stack (ELK) on Docker, with preconfigured Security, Tools, Self-Monitoring, and Prometheus Metrics Exporters.
Dockerfile 334 16
gpool - a generic context-aware resizable goroutines pool to bound concurrency.
🐳 A preconfigured, extendable, multistage, PHP Symfony 4.3+ Docker Image for Production and Development
Dockerfile 50 2
Ciro is a MVC PHP Framework to kickstart personal projects. Designed to be simple and lightweight. Demonstrate core building blocks for a PHP Framework.
An eCommerce website prototype with a layered architecture and MVC using Spring Boot v1.2, Spring Security, Hibernate, and Apache Lucene for full-text searching. for front-end: Bootstrap, Typeahead.js and Graph.js using Thymeleaf as RE.
Java 9 6
A Java program that implments Vector Quantization LBG Algorithm on greyscale RAW images, user determines the compression level.
Java 2 0
Image Processing Engine built using GO
A Collection of personal applications that utilizes File-Structures and Organization concepts using C++.

My Interests

Topics that I want to learn more about.